Valecraft Homes Ltd.

Graphic design duties included art direction, logo design and identity for new communities,
business cards, stationary, kitfolders, print and online floorplan brochures, internal and external posters, design and lay-out of all promotional advertisements, exterior and interior signage, flags, loyalty program forms and certificates and community site maps. Other duties included creating graphic designs for promotional items and clothing, photography, copy writing as well as website maintenance and design elements.




While working at Valecraft Homes, I took the initiative and asked if I could touch up the logo.
I knew Valecraft was very proud of their logo and would want to retain the colour scheme and font, so I concentrated on improving the existing logo rather than trying to present something new.

I took the man’s figure to bare bones – literally – by recreating a skeleton to be certain the proportions and musculature were correct.

The logo was very well received and the president approved it without any changes.

As soon as this design was finalized, I was asked to have a large arcylic interior sign of the logo produced for the head office lobby (insert right).



Being the first logo the Valecraft Homes Design Centre ever had, I really wanted to give the centre a logo that is strong, stylish and represents the beautiful work that they do.

As homebuilders open up brand new sites, they need an identity to create a sense of the type of community it will become.
Place St. Thomas is a community that opened up in Embrun where bungalows and single family homes are being sold.

Woodroffe Lofts is a community featuring a series of five low rise story condo flat buildings in Barrhaven. What makes them special is that all interior finshes are made with eco-friendly products.

I designed this logo for a Valecraft bike team for Ride The Rideau. It was important to the team that the logo included a bicycle as well as the hard hat which represented the home building industry. The logo appeared on our jerseys as well as on all of our fundraising forms and posters.

Kit Folder

Above: Kit Folder – Front and Back.

Below: Kit Folder – Inside.
I was very happy to design this kit folder for Valecraft because it turned out great! I looked at a lot of samples by the competition and came up with a design true to Valecraft using the elements I thought worked best. I heard a lot of positive feedback regarding the new kit folder.

The exterior has a dark grey background to make the logo and text stand out. I kept it simple by only including the logo, slogan, web address and the QR code which is placed inside a house shape.
The interior has a pale grey background with the mission statement in burgundy and a floorplan design. The pockets have the logo and web address. The right hand pocket has two slots for business cards.
The folder has a matte varnish finish to add the final touches.


When I started at Valecraft, I was able to see how much the company had grown, and it became clear that much of their sales materials were in need to evolve as well. The brochures had a variety of different designs because in the past, each community sold specific series of models.
Since there were going to be so many new models and floor plans released, I was asked to redesign all of the brochures for Valecraft. I took a wide variety of brochures and designed one consistent look for Valecraft. Customers that visit more than one sales centre will see a continuity throughout even though each community has its own identity.

Direct Mail

The direct mail pieces I designed were for all five communities to be distributed in three seperate mailings. Although they each had a different bonuses and appeal, I used common elements to tie them all together. The pieces for the East and West end were cards printed double sided. The piece that was distributed centrally was a folded brochure since it included more information about the two products sold in that community.


I designed the 2014 Valecraft Homes calendar to look modern and fun but be functional and relevant. The reverse side has a preview of 2015 along with a suggested home maintenance schedule.

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