Graphic Designer


Karen rocks with energy and interest. An active and giving lady with a love for horses. I have had the opportunity to mentor and guide Karen while working for Xerox as a Graphic Designer at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

She prides herself to the highest standards when learning new design skillsets, always pushing to learn and grow. Above all, I am impressed with Karen’s willingness to take on any challenge you put in front of her. A solid team player.

Karen Jacques
Service Delivery Manager at Xerox Canada
Karen is a very well rounded designer from showing excellent creativity to the finest details in her work. She also possesses a great ability to teach and help those in need. A big heart, positive attitude and a team player!
Maria Martignetti
Senior Graphic Designer on contract with Xerox at CMHC

Karen is an extremely personable, talented, confident, and dedicated individual. She always completes projects on-time, no matter how small or large.

Karen has contributed many ideas to improve the daily operations of the team. It has been a pleasure working with her, and I greatly value her opinions. She possesses a great outlook on life and work and manages to positively influence individuals around her with her sense of humour and strong work ethic.

Minh Tam Nguyen
Senior Graphic Designer at Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) Société canadienne d’hypothèques et de logement (SCHL)

Impeccable designer, ideal creative attitude, positive work colleague—could stop there but I’ll add a little more gravitas; Having collaborated with Karen on numerous high-level projects over the years, she’s always been the first choice for project execution. She wanted to be challenged and took it upon herself to learn ‘Accessibility for Design’ (most designers run away from this topic).

I had developed the marketing collateral concepts for a time-critical, b2c relaunch, and she gave me some invaluable well-worded feedback relating to accessibility, which saved a considerable amount of client time and money. On numerous occasions, I’ve witnessed Karen being taken out of her design comfort zone (infographics come to mind) — only to then really excel at the given task; being able to deconstruct client information is a skill within its self.

I truly see her honing her design knowledge and creative solutions process; by not only listening and questioning her design peers but by using this as a catalyst to further her own creative career path.

To top it off, she can take the rough with the smooth coupled with a great work ethic… really refreshing to work with.

Christian Grivon
Senior Graphic Designer at Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services

Karen’s design work demonstrates her collaborative attitude and problem-solving skills. She has an enthusiasm for meeting client needs and learning new skills that help make her projects a success. She is a great team member that I’m glad to have worked with!

Adria Moore
Service Designer & Researcher (Senior Policy & Program Advisor) at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Karen is a very focused and creative individual. During the time that I worked with Karen, she has developed many projects for me, and they were very successful. Clients who dealt directly with Karen always indicated the high level of professionalism that Karen demonstrated. Karen is a creative and talented person and who I would not hesitate to work with or hire.

Hadi Mortada
District Governor at Rotary International

Karen is a detailed oriented person who worked closely with the sales team in order to build print and online advertisements. Her creativity and skill level allowed Sun Media Ottawa to provide our clients with physical specs that helped close sales and increase revenue. Her dedication is unmatched and would be a great addition to any organization.

Murray Campbell
Digital Advertising Manager at Ottawa Sun/Sun Media