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Aloha Chocolate is a fictitious company that I created the name for and then designed the logo and a number of promotional pieces ranging from business cards and signage to car wraps and a store front.

Logo and Stamp

The logo I came up with was meant to have a slight retro look to it and I wanted to incorporate the cacao bean and leaves. I used brown and a teal blue to give it an earthy, but clean feel. Here is my initial sketch along with the finished product.

Aloha SketchAloha-Logo

I also came up with a stamp for the packaging and promotional items that promotes the fact that the company produces chocolate locally (in Hawaii) and is involved throughout the whole process from selecting the beans to producing the chocolate bars.

Business Card & Stationary

I kept the letterhead clean and simple while using the company’s colours.
As for the business cards, I thought it would be a fun idea to design it to look like a chocolate bar – both front and back sides. I wrote out the contact information as though it is the ingredients list.


A Frame & Banner Stand

I designed the A frame and banner stand to look like chocolate bars that have been opened. I thought it was a fun way to follow the theme.


Car Wrap


Wall Graphic


Storefront Sign & Window Graphic

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